What Drives Us?


We know we are supposed pray because of what Scripture says: The Lord’s prayer includes praise, prayer to do God’s will, prayer for deliverance, prayer for our needs and for forgiveness.

Duty should motivate us, but not alone.

There are times in our lives when discipline is required, and like a soldier, we will need to fight through the mundane simply because our God tells us so. But thank God that Jesus didn’t just leave it at duty.

What does it mean to DESIRE?

“Desire is not merely a simple wish; it is a deep seated craving; an intense longing for what we want. Prayer is the oral expression of desire. Without desire, prayer is a meaningless mumble of words.”

So what should we do when we don’t feel like praying? In such circumstances, we ought to pray for the desire to pray. Biblical desire is God-given.

That’s the tricky part right there! What happens when desire doesn’t come? I basically admit defeat, but King David in the Bible tells us we should grieve, lament, and seek earnestly. Have we ever reached that level of desire? Prayer requires a “wrestling” like Jacob. Do we really DESIRE?

It’s all comes together:

  • Scripture motives us to DUTY, and once Duty fails as our sole motivator, brokenness ensues
  • Brokenness leads to DESIRE, and as we are filled with Desire we will want “His Kingdom come His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

Wherever you are in your walk with God, remember that He is right there for you.

Duty and Desire