Prayer and Trouble

Why does this always happen to me? What did I do to deserve this?

You may think God is against you when you encounter trouble, but is that really true? Search the scriptures; trouble is not as black and white as you may think. Job encountered tremendous trouble and persecution, yet he did not do anything wrong. Jesus even lived through a life with great troubles, yet he knew what trouble was.

What trouble IS: Trouble is God’s servant. Trouble is under God’s control, and is one of the most efficient agents in fulfilling His purposes and in perfecting His saints. God’s hand is in every trouble. Trouble is able to be dealt with by God, whether the trouble originated from God or some other source. Trouble is under Divine control.

What trouble is NOT: God does not always directly order it. God is not always responsible for it either. Trouble is not chaotic and uncontrolled by God. Trouble is not above God nor beyond His control.

Trouble is often what the Scriptures call “chastening.”


Punishment for sin will take place in the next world. God does not punish on earth; he disciplines. They are corrective processes in His plans concerning man. It is because of this that prayer comes in when trouble arises.

As trouble is not sinful in itself, neither is it the evidence of sin. Good and bad alike experience trouble. Trouble has no power in itself to interfere between us and God.

What does prayer do for us in the time of trouble?

  • From briancorder.theworldrace.orgPrayer brings comfort, help, hope, and blessings, which, while not removing the trouble, enables us to bear it better and to submit to the will of God.
  • Prayer opens the eyes to see God’s hand in trouble
  • Prayer enables us to see wise ends in trouble
  • Prayer in trouble drives us away from unbelief, saves us from doubt, and delivers us from all vain and foolish questionings because of our painful experiences

Prayer is the most appropriate thing to do in the time of trouble. Nothing more truly shows us our helplessness than when trouble comes. Blessed is he who knows how to turn to God in “the time of trouble.” If trouble is of the Lord, then the most natural thing to do is to carry the trouble to the Lord, and seek grace and patience and submission. Lord, what would you have me do?

Our troubles are of the Lord, and he wants us to take them to him in prayer. 

No matter what the cause or where they come from. Troubles come with His consent. He is in all of them, and is interested in us when they press and bruise us. The end of trouble is always good in the mind of God. If trouble fails in its mission, it is either because of prayerlessness, unbelief, or both. The good or evil of trouble is always determined by the spirit in which it is received; it either softens or hardens us.

Tribulation (Trouble) is not only expected, it is taught to be accompanied with a spirit of rejoicing. God’s highest aim through trouble is not to punish, but instead He is seeking to make us like Himself.


Trouble is not a chance incident in life. It has a design in view, just as it has an All-wise Designer behind it. What an encouragement, too, that, chastisement is no evidence of anger or displeasure on God’s part, but is the strong proof of His love.


Prayer is used in a million ways, just like trouble is used of God. It takes trouble sometimes to get our attention, to stop us in the busy rush of life, to awaken us to a sense of helplessness and need. And the more troubles abound, the more earth becomes undesirable. It causes heaven to loom large in the horizon of hope. We see and know there is a world where trouble never comes, but first we have to pass through this world.

“Wise is he in the day of trouble who knows his true source of strength and who fails not to pray.” – E.M. Bounds

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